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After we have found our center

After we have found our center, what do we have to do to maintain it?
Just like anything we do in our lives; it takes discipline and response on our part in deciding how important a quiet center is for us.
As I have shared I thrive in quiet so it is a normal discipline for me to carve out those moments.
What would it look like for us to make this as much of a priority as any other thing we might do?
Would that mean to find a class that shows you how to focus inward?
Would that mean every day you will carve out some precious time for inward peace?
Would that mean on your calendar you will write down ‘when and where’ this time will fit in?
Come and find… remains as an invitation for us to accept it as a lifestyle.
When we get busy we lose track of important moments.
For me when my spirit feels restless when I don’t take time for rest and quiet.
Sometimes writing will center me back into a calm place.
Sometimes listening to a peaceful music sound track.
Whatever it takes for us we must make it a priority just as we do many other things.
The world will draw us away from inward peace if we allow it.
Oh I can be the worst one for worry, about the safety of my son as an officer, for my daughter as a single mom,
for my six grand children and their future.
I cannot let that over ride my peace for I know who holds their tomorrow’s and I cannot change one day by worrying.
After we have found our center and realize how well it works for us, I think it will be a natural part of our normal routine.
For me personally it is a necessity… a must do, a vitamin for my spirit.
When I am in tune with my center there is not much that will rattle me or shake me.
(unless it’s something that is so catastrophic and catches me off guard)
In our world today I think to have the discipline to create ‘our quiet center’ is the only way we can survive.
After we have found our center, we will be more restful, peaceful and approachable to those looking for the same.
Let’s encourage each other to remember to find our quiet space and allow it’s lesson to teach us.

Come and find the quiet center

After the latest news events of our world I think it’s really important for us all to lean into what calms our spirit deep inside.
The invitation to come and find the quiet center is very inviting.
We were at a high school choir concert and the choir had on their robes and they sat down on the stage and sang this very quiet spiritual melody and I was immediately pulled into the thought.
One of my quiet centers is at the beach where the waves lull me into a peace that is deep and restful.
In fact I am at the beach right now, watching the waves from a window.
Soon I will go outside and meditate on it’s beauty, breathe in the fresh air, and pause with deep breathes.
Come and find the quiet center.
What is your place of restoration and quiet?
Do you faithfully allow yourself that time to renew and restore your ‘inner peace’?
I know my husband loves to go to a central Oregon lake to fish.
The water is peaceful and even though it could be dangerous, it is not the focus when restoring a spirit.
Come and find… it’s an invitation. A calling out, to those who are busy and worn out.
Come and find; what you are missing, what you are needing, what is healing for your soul and spirit.
It requires some movement from us and also an anticipation of hope restored.
The bible mentions rest 623 times.
[28 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me; for I am gentle and lowly in heart,
and you will find rest for your souls.] Matthew 11:28-29
Come to me, come and find…the quiet center.
I personally thrive better in silence.
I like music and I like some noise, but not in the morning when my mind is slowly engaging with waking up.
The other day we purchased peaches and as I look at that fruit, there is an inside that one cannot see from the outside, very similar to a seed of an avocado. The seed is the center, not seen.
Our inner peace is like that.
Perhaps our outside looks ‘great’ but only the inside ‘core’ of who we really are tells the truth.
Come and find the quiet center is an invitation for us to look inward.
Are you ready for the challenge?

The beginning of Fall

Today is the last day of September.
So hard for me to believe we are entering into the fall months and then winter will come.
Fall has always been my favorite time of year.
I love how it represents change and colors and letting go… and reminds me to pause.
Not only am I still cleaning and managing the ‘task of removing and re-purposing’ items from our home, I am also decorating for the change of season.
Today I purchased three hand made wooden pumpkins for outside our front door.
Couldn’t figure out an outside plant to match so I purchased yellow and orange pansies.
I hope it will look welcoming and nice.
I am not generally one to decorate outside our home since we had a nice nativity stolen.
It is discouraging to try to make it look nice only to find someone else liked it too.
The fall is also a season of remembering as our anniversary is in November.
We had fall colors in the ceremony and it was a remembering of the beauty outside.
Today was a combination of a fall rain, and then sunshine, then rain again.
In Oregon one must have a rain coat, and boots and an umbrella too.
What are your thoughts about the fall season?
Soon everything will be changing colors and looking amazing.
The beginning of fall is arriving and I am loving the cool air and soon the fires in the fireplace, along with the soup on the stove and biscuits in the oven.
Fall is a time for sweaters and books and hot cups of tea.
I hope you find time for a slow ‘sipping from your favorite cup’… as you enjoy this season of change.

Another process finished and wow

Following my desire for more order in our home; I decided to work on my sock drawers in the bedroom.
After realizing that three dresser drawers were full of socks it was time to go through them and decide what stays and what gets repurposed.
Really how many socks can one person wear?
I wanted to get to my favorites.
Each drawer will have favorite warm socks, and short socks. If there is no comfort, they leave, I don’t need to keep them if they are not helpful for my feet.
In the last year the doctor has given me a diagnosis of pre-diabetes.
Which basically means socks and shoes are very important since neuropathy is a also a part of my new ‘set of issues’ with my feet. They have lost some feeling in them and they ache a lot.
It is important to have good socks that don’t bind or feel too tight or are too light weight for the comfort level that is needed.
I sorted and sorted. Kept my emotions far away from the decision to cut the numbers down.
In the end of the process so far, I have 85 pair of socks that can be sent somewhere.
They are all in good shape and all can be repurposed for other use for others who are in need.
I need to do this process with shoes and even the abundant supply of sweaters in the closet.
How many do you need? It is a great question and even a greater question when moving into the coat closet.
How many ‘good coats’ do we need, how many rain coats even in Oregon, do we need.
It all boils down to realizing how much stuff we have that we really do not need or use anymore.
I hope this mini series has been both encouraging and challenging because we all have work to do.
We all can help others in many ways; we just have to be creative and figure out how.
Are you ready for this challenge to?

After we have worked hard

After we have worked hard on this task of cleaning and purging it is important to take the time to re-evaluate what we learned in the process and how can we not repeat it.
If it was too much clothing, then we must master the ability to say “I don’t it need anymore.”
If it was books, same story, how many can you read?
Keep the very special ones and send the others to a different place of residence.
My husband will often say, “what are you getting rid of?”
It puts me on a ‘defense’ because I am not getting rid of something; I am hopefully blessing someone with what I had and liked.
It is all a matter of perspective and wording.
The other thing that is really important to me is ‘let me do this on my schedule.’
Do not tell me what to do, in fact don’t really even suggest what I need to work on.
Just let me work on it.
When I get done with this major process I might reward myself with something special.
For instance if I give away four pairs of shoes that I marginally liked, then I can find ONE pair I really love.
It is a reward system that works. Minimize to maximize your goal.
I am really liking comfort clothing. Removing the old jeans that ‘bug’ me when I wear them.
Also the petite short length tops. Yes they used to be favorites of mine but if I do not feel covered when I raise my hands up then it is time for them to move on.
It takes a lot of ‘determination’ when doing all this.
But in the end it is so worth it.
Allow yourself time to deal with the ‘list’, then also allow yourself time to deal with how to re-center or re-do the space that is now open.
Try really hard to not fill it up with other ‘stuff’, empty space is freeing.
September is a great time for starting new routines and thoughts.
Then when it’s all done you can move into the holiday season feeling refreshed and ready.
Are we going to encourage each other in this process? I hope so.
Let’s roll up our sleeves and get it done. With a smile and with a sense of accomplishment.

The next area to deal with

Have you ever really looked in your kitchen cabinets and wondered when you last used something?
I can think of at least two drawers and three parts of the cabinets that could be purged and cleaned.
When I did daycare I had kid cups and spoons and plates. Don’t need those anymore.
How many coffee cups do we like or love?
What about the utensil drawer? we have been married 42 years and some of the items have been with us that long.
How many serving dishes does one really use on a weekly basis?
That electric fry pan you store in the garage? like it or love it, your answer will tell you if you should send it to another ‘person’s home’.
I am trying to de-clutter as much as I can this fall. It needs to be done.
It is necessary just as the clothing and or the shoes.
Get it processed and focus on what you really want to keep.
At some point in time we are going to redo my den-office room.
In this journey of redoing and purging it is going to take time to go through drawers and or closets of all kinds.
I have even thought of coats and sweaters. How many does one need and how often do we wear them? I have favorites. What about the heavy winter coat, yes keep.
What about the multiple kinds of sweatshirts?
In this process of cleaning it is almost always going to bring you back to the question,
“do I like it or love it, does it serve a purpose.”
The fall and winter season will be upon us soon and then we will drag out the Thanksgiving decorations and Christmas too.
How much of those do we need to keep?
As we move through this process let us keep in mind the whole purpose of removing the items we don’t want or need; is re-purposing them for others to enjoy.
Keep focused and stay on track.
YOU can do it… you can manage this task. Be proud of yourself as you do it.