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When we think of the Easter story

When we think of the Easter story we have to go back before we go ahead.
The whole purpose of the cross was so that we ‘the people’ who God loved with a fierce and everlasting love could find salvation and hope through His SON.
Christmas was the beginning. He had to come as a real, living person just like us.
So the baby was conceived by the Holy Spirit the third part of the trinity, and placed in Mary the chosen one.The miracles began as the story moved through the players; and those moments when Mary pondered and held them close to her heart, were just a preparation of what was to come.
She wasn’t any different than any other expectant mom.
She was in newness and amazement as her round tummy grew, I’m sure she had fatigue and nausea.
We all had those moments, if we had children.
I remember watching my tiny ’round tummy’ grow and move as our little babies expanded the size of me.
Mary was in the same situation only she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus. Who would be the savior.
In preparation for what was to come she listened and took in all that was spoken about her child.
Every word was showing her that this SON, this baby who was hers, this ‘chosen one’ was different.
No mom wants to realize her test of love would come when the death of her child would happen.
It’s a grief too horrible for a heart to bear and Mary was not protected from that, in fact she was chosen for that.
She watched her son grow with the internal knowing that someday, he would leave her.
I wonder sometimes how it felt for Jesus.
We don’t often think of him in terms of a child growing up.
Did he play in the streets and kick a ball with friends? did he follow Joseph around like a son watching his dad learning many life skills?
He was known as a carpenter so Joseph must have taught him some tricks of the trade.
It’s a very interesting thought since we often move from his birth to his death and somehow not focus on the middle teaching part.
Let’s do some thinking as we move towards the direction of the cross.

Spring is also a time for Easter

Spring is also a time for coming together for Easter celebrations.
I remember as a little girl we didn’t do much in a church but we did dress up for Easter.
Our mother would dress us in matching outfits, always with white anklet socks with prim and proper dresses.
The pictures are so sweet and precious when you look at them.
Not necessarily how life was at the time, but sweet little girls are always precious.
Easter is a hard holiday, it is full of hope and full of the anticipation of life, but also death.
A hard and brutal death for without the death of Jesus on the cross, we would have no hope.
It is the story of God’s love for us.
“For God so loved the world, that he gave his ONE and only son, so that who ever chooses to believe in him shall have everlasting life.” John 3:16
HE GAVE, chose purposely for us to have a chance. That is what it’s all about.
The Christmas story leads us down a lifetime road to the Cross of Easter.
Jesus only had a few years of ministry to show us what needed to be done.
He impacted lives for generations because of HIS love through the Father, through the Spirit.
When we read the story it is hard. It is painful. It is confusing. It is freeing.
All the emotions of the story of the cross.
Just as Mary, Jesus mother pondered all the ‘Christmas’ moments of birth in her heart.
The death moments had to have been horrendous for her.
As he walked down the via dolarosa, the road to Golgotha, says:
a trying, painful, or sorrowful course or series of experiences. The route followed by Christ from the place of his condemnation to Calvary for his crucifixion.
It is the story of God’s love for us as we move through the Easter story in the next few weeks.

Spring is a time for flowers and birthdays

Spring is a time for flowers and birthdays.
It’s always so delightful to have the first few warm days of spring after the winter’s rain.
This part of Oregon is known for rain and overcast skies and when we are treated with a spring warmth and blue skies we all try to go out and enjoy it.The flowers are beginning to bloom. Crocus tiny purple and yellow colors, buds of daffodils and beginning tulips peek out from under the dirt. Our children were both born in March. First our son and then our daughter.
Our son Christopher was such a surprise. We were young in our marriage and learning how to navigate adult hood and then parenting, back then they didn’t have all the tests to tell you what your baby would be.
It was a wonderful surprise.
He turned 43. A man now with son’s of his own. His wife Sarah also born in March and the same age.
Then our daughter Sarah will be 40 this week.
Life is passing us by and it is just so quick.
Those days of raising babies, a blur to the memory. Where did we live? what did we do? how did we survive?
Then the puppies and kitties added to our mix of children and days of daycare.
I was back then considered; a stay at home mom.
I wanted to be home, in fact I took in day care kids to help pay for extra things we needed.
It was something that we both wanted and felt it to be important for us as a family.
When I think of birthdays and spring, it reminds me of new beginnings.
Every year we have a chance to make things better, and more personal.
A time of renewing and restarting.With both of our children in their 40’s it feels like we are getting older and hopefully wiser.
We are grandparents to 6 wonderful children all very different.
Spring is a time for flowers, birthdays and remembering.
All the wonderful things that make our lives rich and beautiful.

The story and legacy of a man

The story and legacy of a man’s life was on the internet today.
The reverend Billy Graham was laid to rest in the Billy Graham gardens.
He was ninety nine when he died, lived a good long life and one that was watched both near and far.
He was a man of integrity and honor and he was someone who most people respected.
The service was amazing and simple. The music was the same, simple and pure.
The legacy He left behind was one of deep faith and rich words sharing the gospel wherever he would go.
Many times I have watched the altar call, as a choir would sing, “Just as I am.”
As hundreds and hundreds of people would walk forward to give their lives to Jesus.
It never got old. Come as you are, HE is waiting for you.
I am sure the stories his family would tell would perhaps be different than what we hear.
We all know every family has ‘moments’ that they could share that are not public.
The wonderful heritage and legacy of parents who loved well, is a rare find.
It would have been a great honor to meet him. Someday in Heaven that is possible.
As I listened to the children now grown talk about “my daddy”, I felt the lump in my throat.
Tender words, spoken about a man who aged into the late senior years.
“Good bye, daddy.” They said, before leaving the podium.
The stories from their hearts shared with emotion and memory.
I watched a very special tribute to a very special man today.
We all have a chance to leave a legacy. Not necessarily like Billy Graham but we do have influence and a circle of those around us who follow our words and actions.
May we do it well, so that at the time of our parting and the time for those to remember us, do so in a kind and loving way… with a memory of legacy and faith.

Time seems to be passing quickly

Time seems to be passing by so quickly these days.
Yesterday as my husband and I were driving to the beach I realized it is the first of March.
In fact once we got to the beach I had to do some scrambling to pay a bill that was due the first as I had spaced out that February was ending.
Getting old has it’s moments I guess. Seems like we just had Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Spring will be just around the corner and we will enjoy some sunny days of warmth and newness.I am by nature one who loves the rain and the coolness of our climate but sometimes it is good to have a sunny warm day.
My husband and I go to a Christian camp and he volunteers his time helping out with a much needed list of things to get done. Normally in his work world he is an engineer designing dental equipment but sometimes when given the opportunity he loves to be on the farm equipment.
He is actually retired but working just a few days a week now for a few months.
I am often sitting in the office or today I am in my trailer and enjoying the warmth of heat, coffee and time alone.
I walk the trails when it’s warmer and enjoy the flowers of the coast and the oceans landscape of flowers and sand.The Oregon coast range is often cold and rainy and it’s a wonderful majestic time of beauty and force of nature.
It is raining outside and very cloudy  not sure if I will get a walk in today the wind is cold and it’s nice to be cozy by the heater.
These pictures were from a different time here at the beach.
Another place I love to visit is what they have named a conversation pit. I imagine people sitting and sharing matters of heart or soul and enjoying the time together around a fire perhaps making smores. This is a special beach for us.
We will always have a fondness of heart for this place.
It’s nothing special yet it is… and it is a place for spiritual growth if one allows themselves to listen to the quiet and peace of the day. I have already told my husband should I pass away before him, I want to be placed here where I will be remembered.
Near the crosses and near the ocean that roars constantly.There are three crosses overlooking the ocean high upon a hill… reminding me of the song ‘the old rugged cross.’

One of the first writings in my 2010 book

One of the first writings in my 2010 book was about our first grand daughter Faith Elizabeth.

Her name is Faith ~ February 2nd, 2010
Our oldest grand daughter was a preemie, arriving early weighing only 2 pounds and 11 ounces and she was 17 inches long.
She was due in July and came in May surprising all of us. She was bright eyed and very tiny.
Our first experience in grand parenting. It was scary and we were filled with prayer and concern.
She had to stay in the neonatal side of the baby unit for a few weeks moving from one side to the other.
After several weeks she was allowed to come home, weighing only 3 pounds 9 ounces.
She was healthy and precious and I knew I had to be a part of this little child’s life.
Our daughter had to go back to work and I quit my job so I could stay home with our little Faith.
She started out sleeping in an old fashioned wicker bassinet basket I found in an antique store.
When she slept in it she looked like a tiny baby doll. As she grew we moved her upstairs to her crib.
I would leave the baby monitor on so I could hear her as I did assorted things downstairs.
She knew it was her room and we had a schedule that worked well for all of us.
As she grew older she would wake up slowly in her room and play quietly.
I had the monitor on so I could hear whether I needed to get her right away or not.
My favorite memories are of her waking up and talking to her menagerie of dolls, bears and blankets.
I would sit downstairs and listen to her wonderful baby noises, we laugh about it now.
She is almost 11 and in 5th grade and she would say to me, “tell me about the time I was talking upstairs” and I would give her the full report of my memory.
When she was waking up I would hear her say, “I am running” and I could hear the squeaking of the crib mattress, or she would say, “Nama I am jumping” and I could her feet scuffed on the mattress pads.
I learned she needed to wake up slowly to be in a better mood.
After awhile the room was quiet and I would hear her say, “Nama come get me, I want out.”
The sad pitiful voice, knowing she could not yet climb out of the crib by herself.

As I think of this scene I often wonder, if God had a monitor on us what would he hear us say?
Would he hear, “daddy I am running, jumping running to you. I need you please come get me”
I wonder does he smile just as I did for my grand daughter when he hears us?
We can open the door to our heart just as I opened the door to her room.
I would see her reach out to me for she knew I was safe, she knew I was her rescuer.
She knew when I would take her out of the room, she was held by the one who loved her.
My challenge today is this: do we allow God to delight in us and ask him to rescue us?
Do we realize sometimes we cannot get out of a situation without his help?
Just as Faith could not get out of her crib, without me.
We need to know we need him in the same way. He rescues and protects and rejoices in us.
Just as I did for my precious little grandbaby.