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I often think of the times when Jesus met with the women of the bible.
He had a soft spot for them… not in a bad way…
of course not… but in a way to give them honor and self worth.
Mary and Martha both loved him in their own ways and he allowed them to be individual and unique for they each had a purpose and relationship with him.
He met the woman at the well and spoke to her perhaps for the first time like she had value and hope. He told her the truth about her life and then said ‘go and sin no more.’
As if to say to her, “I believe you can change.”
Then there was the woman who came to him near the end of his life who poured the expensive perfume on his feet and washed them with her own tears and hair. He allowed her to give knowing it was from her heart. He allowed her time of ‘worship’ for him for he knew it was important to her and I believe he knew what the ‘perfume’ represented for his life. His death was near.
Remember the disciples were angry and not understanding the ‘cost’ of the giving of her valued gift?
He drew them to him because he was full of gentleness and love.
I understand that. I am drawn to someone who is gentle and kind.
I want to spend time with them.
A wonderful man by the name of Bruce Marchiano wrote a book called:
Jesus, the man who loved women.
Bruce portrayed Jesus in a movie and he learned to know Jesus through the process of making that movie. I loved the way he showed Jesus with compassion and laughter and love. It is a ‘unique’ style of acting and a wonderful example of ‘who’ our ‘Lord’ is and perhaps could have been. I don’t think he was always serious and grumpy as some portray him. I think he enjoyed life. I also think he was fun to be with as well as challenging. The movie is called, ‘The Gospel according to Matthew’ and it won’t disappoint you if you ever want to purchase it.
You can find it on the website: Bruce Marchiano ministries.
He started out as an actor and became a believer. He thought he could do the role and never let it ‘sink’ into his heart. But God had other plans for him. Now Bruce is a man who serves God on missions and is a  dynamic voice for those who need to hear the Gospel. I really like him and I really like what he stands for. Click onto the link for more information. I have heard him speak and he is truly a man who loves Jesus.  This is my next book to read for the summer and I am suggesting ‘others’ to read it too. Perhaps you are a woman who needs to know your value and worth ‘through the eyes of Jesus’.

Through indepth and dramatic exploring of Jesus’ encounters and relationships with women two thousand years ago, a revelation of his heart for women is revealed – the intimate depth of his love, compassion, respect, tenderness, hope and promise for… you, his precious and most cherished one.