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The other day in church our pastor said to us;
“What captivates your heart will determine your destiny ~
what you are passionate about will woo you”
Read that again s l o w l y.
“What captivates your heart will either lead to your demise or to your delight”.
The definition of captivate is this:
to attract and hold the attention or interest of, as by beauty or excellence; to capture;
(when I think if capture I think of an animal who cannot get away)
The definition of passionate is this:
compelled or ruled by intense emotional or strong feeling.
So the question for all of us:
What captivates your heart and your interest most of the time.
Some people get addicted to gambling, some get addicted to shopping, drugs or alcohol, some get addicted to bad choices whether that be in people or in jobs, some are addicted to the Internet or other new things such as texting on their cell phone or playing games on their cell phones.
Addictions are something that enslaves you to something physically or psychologically habit forming.
It is something that pursues you and creates a dependence on it.
The whole point is what captivates your heart and your thinking.
What are  you most passionate about could be harming your soul and spirit
Or it could be positive and helpful.
Pastor said to us, “don’t ever get complacent over the things that take you away from those you love including the Lord”
(complacent: pleased especially with oneself often without the awareness of some potential danger or defect; smug, un-bothered or untroubled)
If what you are captivated by is harmful or hurtful to yourself or those you care for
it is time to let it go and start over.
What captivates your heart will determine your destiny.
Do you know what that destiny is for you?