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I am praying about and centering in, so I can learn and listen for my new word of the year.
Every year I try for a new word that would symbolize and set some significance for the months ahead.
It is a good goal to reach for, and in years past each word has had meaning, when I didn’t even realize it.
Last year my word was given to me by my husband, he thought it should be the word BELIEVE.
That was a wonderful word and did end up having some meaning as we struggled through many issues.
Some who we loved passed away, we had surgeries, sickness, biopsy’s and more who passed away.
Our faith was tested financially and physically.
Emotionally and some spiritually too.
Believe was a powerful word because after it is all over and done,
all one really has is faith.
So I wait and I listen.
I pray for the words. I pray for the one word to choose for this year.
The new year of 2015.

I have had …
 I have had…

Last years word was believe and now I pray for the next new years word. 
The year 2015 will bring new changes, challenges and journeys for us.
I wonder what word the Lord will lay upon my heart this time.