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In keeping with the tradition of many bloggers who write on a regular basis sometime in January a word is chosen that will represent ‘the new year’.
I have done this now for about three years spending time waiting and asking the Lord what the word should be and why.
The beginning of last year after a time of prayer and waiting the word given to me was quiet.
Quiet sounded so peaceful. So still. So calm.
At the end of the year the word meant many things that I had never anticipated or even thought was possible.
Having a preconceived idea of my interpretation of the word quiet.
I was ready to accept it not realizing that a deeper truth would be waiting for us as the word played itself out in the months to come.
The year wasn’t necessarily peaceful, still or calm.
Having realized this my zeal to rush into a new word was pushed back a bit and I moved with a hesitant heart.
I was seeking a new word but also not sure what I was asking for.
A few weeks ago at Christmas my husband gave me a ‘box’ to open.
With that gift he gave me a note that said, “this is your word” for the new year.
When I opened the gift it moved something deep within my heart and spirit and at this point in time I am not sure why.
The word has many layers.
I will accept it and see where it takes us.

The word for 2014 is Believe.

Believe without a doubt