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Soon the summer will be winding down and fall will come bringing the cool winds and drying leaves.
I love the fall.
It is refreshing to me.
Reminding me that in order for something to be appreciated it has to go through a process.
The hot summer days brings flowers and life and fruit and produce and every other good thing.
Fall brings rain.
Leaves turn to oranges and hues of browns and greens.
In Oregon sometimes the rain stays for a long time and then it becomes time for boots and rain coats.
We know that is part of life here in the Pacific Northwest.
I am welcoming fall.
I am looking forward to the routine of school and then Thanksgiving.
Giving thanks for our life as we know it.
I am not by nature a summer person had to learn how to wear cropped pants and sleeveless tops.
My favorite is a sweater with warm socks and nice boots.
Love the feel of flannel pants or even warm sweat pants on a relaxing stay at home day.
We got married in the fall because the colors are so beautiful and
it is a special time to reflect.
Can’t wait for the rustling of dry leaves under my feet when I walk.
My friend Shelly took this picture: Isn’t it wonderful?

I welcome Fall to come and bring us new memories and experiences.
How do you experience the change of seasons? do you welcome them?