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The first word I shared about was courage.
The next one on the list is: willingness. said the definition is:
Willingness: Cheerfully consenting or ready. 
Inclined, minded, freely or voluntary.

What I have learned in the process of therapy and recovery.
In the beginning we do not enter into it… cheerfully.
Usually we go because we have the realization in our heart that life is not peaceful inside our ‘spirits’ and we realize something must change so we can heal.
Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway.
Robert Anthony
It takes courage to volunteer oneself into a therapy room and open your deepest wounds up to someone you just met and then begin to trust them.
It is about consenting and giving permission.
It is a knowing deep within yourself that this must take place in order for healing to begin.
What we call the secret of happiness is no more a secret than our willingness to choose life. Leo Buscaglia
Life in a new scene or setting. 
Creating for us change because we are desiring something different.
We are giving permission to another person to ask questions and probe into our ‘darkest places’
in order for us to find healing and health.
I’ve never found therapy to be a sign of weakness, I found the opposite to be true.
The willingness to have a mirror held up to you definitely requires strength. Brooke Shields.  

And strength and courage and willingness are all a part of therapy and recovery.
We incline ourselves to the knowing that this is very needed right now and we will not be the same when we are through with this process.