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The five minute challenge today is the word: willing
Write for five minutes and don’t edit it.

Lord I am willing to learn all that you want to teach me.
Help me to open my heart and open my spirit to the lessons you bring my way.
You know me best.
You have set me in this place in time and this direction is guided by you.
May my fears and apprehensions not cloud your will for me.
I stand feeling unqualified. Challenged. Untrained at times.
My writing is from my heart not necessarily from the editing point of view.
You have brought me this far and you will continue to guide this journey.
Help me to be a willing partner in this adventure and help me also to not doubt your good and kind motives.
I know all that you are doing within me is to stir awake the words and the stories and the chapters yet to be shared.
Thank you for being so patient.
Your love is a gift.