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Our pastor was talking on Sunday about his observations about people.
He said there are two different types. Those who are windows and those who are mirrors. Window people look beyond themselves. They think of others. They are transparent and teachable. They know how to do relationships. They are genuine. Mirror people are those who think of themselves. Always looking what is ‘good for me‘. They are consumed with themselves. They only see themselves. They place their own need in front of everyone else. They are absorbed with what makes me happy. I ask the questions.
Who am I? What do others see in me? The questions really are for us all. To examine ourselves and search out ‘who we are’. I was moved back into memory of my high school days. One of my good friends was Claudia. Our friendship was over shadowed by her terminal illness of cystic fibrosis. Every day walked a life and death journey. Every breath was a chore. But I was reminded of her smile. Her caring spirit. She always thought of others instead of herself. She had no bitterness or anger. She could have for her sister died of the same disease. She didn’t have self pity or a critical spirit. She was sweet. When I would call her and say to her, “how are you?” the conversation would always move back towards me and my life. She was genuinely concerned about my walk with the Lord and my life in the youth group. I will never forget her. For her friendship was warm and genuine and authentic; she was a window person. She died in her twenties. It was a sad day, yet I knew she had longed for her heavenly home. I believe she had one foot here and one foot in Heaven just waiting to leave. I was sad hearing she was gone, but rejoicing that her breathing would now be peaceful. She was a window person. We have all met both types of people and we know who we enjoy more. So the challenge for us today… is to ‘look deeply’ inside, and ask ourselves; am I a window person or am I a mirror person? In asking, we must be ready to listen to the answer.
Lord give us a pure heart and a quiet spirit, so we can hear you and be willing to change.
Help us to grow~ help us to mature in what is good and pure and true.