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When you think about the written word, it brings relationships to a new level.
After writing the last blog post; I have been thinking about the art of writing letters and notes.
Isn’t it a wonderful surprise when you get a note in the mail that you didn’t expect?
Or better than that, someone actually mails you a little gift box that says, “I have thinking of you.”
It is so easy to do yet for some reason we don’t do it very often.
I am not sure why, is it easier to send a note on your phone or an email?
Sometimes the old fashioned way is the best.
I even have an old fashioned spiral bound address book.
It is easy to navigate for me, especially when I can find it. (which pile did I put it in?)
It is not electronic and not difficult to use.
Long time friends are in my address book. It is kind of like the calendars on my wall, it is a sense of history that I got from my grandma. She always had things written on her paper calendar.
There were years and years of calendars that noted doctor appointments and luncheons.
I like paper and pens. I don’t do a lot on my phone it limits me and my computer is just what it is, not as good as paper and pens. I have a paper calendar in my purse for appointments.
My den tends to be a bit of a mess but I can find what I need in whatever pile I placed it in.
I guess one could say I am old fashioned.
When you think about the written word, you move into the realm of keepsakes and legacy.
At least I would hope that my family would love and treasure; the few books that have been printed with all my years of blogging inside them.
I think the written word especially in hand writing is very traditional and precious.
What are your thoughts? Do you have a special tradition around notes and cards?
I would love to hear about them.