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When I think of the words letting go, they really follow after the word pause and even rest.
This morning as I sat in my chair with my hot cup of coffee; I watched the trees outside drop leaves.
They fall ever so gently down to the ground and pile into little mounds of golden beauties.
The trees don’t worry about letting go of the leaves they adorn themselves with in the fall.
They know as in all nature it is a part of the change of seasons.
In the winter the barren branches hold secrets we know nothing about.
They prepare the tree for new growth in the spring all in the quiet of the dormant season.
I think our lives are very similar to this.
We busy ourselves with lists of to do’s and focus on what must be done and sometimes… just sometimes… we must learn the art of letting go.
Perhaps there are programs, classes, some duties we assigned ourselves to; that are not as necessary as we once thought.
As I mentioned before sometimes saying, “I have had enough” is the most healthy part of letting go for us.
Sometimes it’s also the hardest thing for us. For when we are doing; we find identity and when we let go we feel empty and not needed.
Not realizing we are not what we do; but who we are in the quiet.
Let’s learn to let go of things that crowd our lives with stress and turmoil.
The idea of letting go, and seeing the piles of unnecessary jobs or duties we thought we must do is empowering through the simplicity of movement and choices and it becomes freeing.
It leaves room for new growth; just as the trees outside prepare themselves for winter then spring.
They cannot form new leaves with the old ones still hanging on.
Yesterday we drove by a row of fall trees on our way home from the beach.
Most had lost the leaves and they looked bare with branches empty, then I noticed two little trees fully covered in orange and yellow. They were not ready.

They were hanging on and it reminded me of how we hang on to things that are not helpful or healthy to us.
Often our grip is firm and what we thought we needed distracts us from our real growth.
Maturing is a necessary part of life and letting go is what our heart needs to embrace.
Let’s challenge ourselves to do the hard part.