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When I think of the word release; it brings me to the thoughts of how it is much like the last few words we have studied.
It’s definition is: a freeing from anything that restrains, to give up, relinquish, or surrender, a form of liberation.
When I think in the light of our personal growth there are often times when we must let go of something old and familiar in order for us to experience something fresh new.
Remember the trees letting go of the old so new can take shape?
It is a willingness to ‘open our hands’ and let it go.
It requires us to be present in the decision, it also requires us to be mindful of the choice.
When I release anger, or frustration or hurt, I choose to let it go so in that space I can have joy or peace or healing.
It is freeing and necessary to our spirit to release things that burden us.
No longer will we be enslaved to the thoughts or the clutter once we learn to release it all.
This theme we have been studying about words that are similar and challenging hopefully has been something for us all to think about.
When we open our choice to release all the hard things that blur our vision of hope and joy we gain so much in the quality of our life.
It is not an easy task. Some of us like to control many things and we cannot release and control at the same time, it doesn’t work that way.
We must find it within ourselves to release the places within us that are not healthy or good.
In the spiritual sense we release and surrender to the Holy Spirit so that HE can help us grow deeper.
There are many levels of release.
It is up to us to decide if we want to stay unchanged and unsettled.
It is freeing to let go. It is hard and difficult and may take many times to finally accomplish it.
But oh what a joy when we can know we have done what we needed to do to release it.
So my challenge for you and I is to ask ourselves, what do we need to do today?
What needs to be released within our lives?
Then after we know what it is we can find the courage to do what we need to do.