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I am having a hard time these days.
Our house has been attacked from somewhere within by a family of carpenter ants. Well it is actually called a colony. Do you know how well I sleep with visions of ants crawling on my bed and on my head?
Oh and don’t mention the ants who crawl across the key board as I am typing or walk across my fax machine.
Whap… I slap them. I am getting good at creating death.
They are creepy and they are making me a bit goofy.
I see black ‘spots’ everywhere.
Of course sometimes they are real… like the one walking across the bathroom wall or the kitchen counter.
We have sprayed professionally ~ they tell me it takes time.
We have set out traps filled with poison.
I suppose that takes less time too.
What I am beginning to think about is the spiritual side of this.
What about the ‘ants’ who desire to destroy our relationships.
Divisive thoughts along with harsh words, critical spirits and disrespectful tones.
Aren’t they as damaging as a carpenter ant colony?
Don’t we risk the ‘danger’ of having our home destroyed by invisible creepy crawling things who’s goal is to take us down? Are we even aware of the possibility?
We didn’t have any clue carpenter ants were in our home slowly chewing away our ‘frame’ which held us safe and secure.
Are we just as unaware of the enemy who slowly chews away at our love, our friendships and our relationships with others?
Just something to think about today as I am searching the walls for movement of a creepy crawly.
Help us to be vigilant Lord and show us the enemy who prowls around our secure places.
Give us courage to take command and make them leave.
We pray we can say with a strong voice, “Whap you are gone”.