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This is the week we quiet our hearts and
think about the Easter story.
It seems so hard for me at times
to really grasp all that Jesus had to take on.
God in his desire to save the people who he loves had to find a way
for us to to find redemption, forgiveness and most of all salvation.
When I think of Palm Sunday and the people welcoming Jesus
as they sang songs of praise and adoration
“hosanna blessed is he who comes” waving branches in a welcome way
I wonder what it felt like for him.
As Jesus rode on the donkey in a slow moving procession
were there deep concerns on his heart 
knowing full well
no one understood the moments that were to unfold in the days to come.
The people who were so excited to see him
had no clue how the story would change for them in just a short amount of time.
It also makes me think of the contrast
of Mary his mother who also rode on a donkey with deep concerns upon on her heart.
There were no welcome signs for her or people singing songs of excitement anticipating the birth of the baby to come.
No one understood the prophecy of that event either.
Because of his deep love for us
God had to find a way and
that way became Jesus.
I wonder what it would feel like
to know in ones heart that soon it would be over.
That the the journey you began would soon end and
the preparation of all that you had laid out
along with teachings, instructing and
let us not forget the miracles.
They were all a part of the story. John 3:16-17

His Story… a story of Love.
I wonder what it felt like for him as he laid his head down at night to rest
knowing in his heart
the count down would begin in the heavens.
The orchestrated players would do what was intended and
all the events would unfold into the miraculous.
A story of love would begin in a horrible way.
This is the week we quiet our hearts and
remember Sunday is coming.