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Wednesday was the last meeting of our ladies bible study.
It has been a good season.
A challenge but also a great time of sharing and of worship.
What I witnessed the most was this fact:
Women need each other.
Our lives are not to be spent alone hibernating in our homes as a young mom or even as an old mom as I am in that category.
The first day arriving the room was full of women and very few were people I knew.
As the voices mingled together in a roaring chatter I felt the first lump in my throat begin to form and then the tears dripped down my cheeks and immediately I felt overwhelmed.
Over load and overwhelm would be the words to describe my feelings.
It was a challenge to take each step into the sanctuary and then to sit down.
I wanted to run and to bolt and to never return.
After being home for four years mostly alone or with a few little children this study would be a challenge and a stretching experience and I would have to share with others out of my comfort zone.
The music began along with the soft angelic voices singing high with melodious tunes I sat in the room and listened and sometimes entered into the time of worship.
It seems like the last ‘season’ of life grief had followed me and sat next to me on many occasions.
At times I have had to be wise when I didn’t want to and to think quickly and be a comfort for those who are broken.
It is good to be stretched beyond our capacity for God knows what we need and what we can do far more than we ever thought.
During the meeting I shared with one and she listened as my heart opened and the concerns were formed into words that she could grasp.
She took my hand and encouraged me.
Allowing me to see that we need each other.
We are not to live this life alone or walk our journeys alone.
The age differences in the room didn’t matter.
The struggles from a mom of a newborn who wouldn’t sleep and the struggles of a seventy plus senior were real and true and honest and from the heart.
The cute little senior with her bright yellow boots on and her aged skin showing me she has lived a long life and she would have many stories to tell if I were to get to know her.
We need each other.
Lord help us to know that we are not to live our lives alone and isolated.
Where friendships form and encouragement comes as lives are changed.
As one of the last ladies to share said,
“this is the most uncomfortable settings for me for so many reasons.”
Yet she challenged herself to go every week and make that commitment to not let isolation win.
I pray that today as you go about your journey you can stop and reflect on those who you know and realize how much you need in your life.
Perhaps even take time to call and say to them,
“I have been thinking of you today.”
It is only when we reach out we will realize how much we do need each other.