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One night as I was getting ready for bed I kept getting a series of words forming in my head.
When this happens it is best for me to sit down and be quiet and listen.
With pen and paper I wrote it down and wondered what needs to be done with these words.

That night I posted it on facebook as a bit of encouragement and hope.
This is what it said:
We do not wake up without the will of God giving us breath.
We do not go to bed without the touch of God to give us strength to lay down.
We rest in Him.
We move in Him.
We serve others ~ Because of Him.
(I added today)
It would not happen on our own.
He is life and He determines when life ends.
What we do with the life He gives us
Is a direct result of our relationship to Him.
Some will stay secluded in their own lives
others will reach out and give till it is no longer possible to give.

I have pondered this thought for days now.
He gives us breath and He has the power to remove it.
Just like that.
He doesn’t have to explain himself to us for HE is God.
That does not mean we live in fear but it is for us to recognize that
we are not in control of our own destiny.

To ponder means:
to think about, contemplate, consider, review, reflect on, mull over, meditate on, muse on, deliberate about, dwell on, puzzle over and turn over in ones mind.
So in the process of and context of pondering the words I received,
it would mean that I have spent time on them.
Allowing them to roll over and over like laundry in a warm dryer
tumbling and twisting till I finally GET IT.
Often times He pursues me till I do get it.

God is the one who holds the power.
He created life with a word.
He created breath with a word.
He can take it away… with His word too.
He doesn’t have to explain himself to us.
Although if we know the word He often does explain himself.
We just have to be receptive to receive it.
The thing we need to do in all of this is to realize that we are not in control.
We never have been and we never will be.
Kind of a hard fact for those of us who like to be ‘in control.’
If we can grasp… I mean firmly grasp that God is in control and wants the very best for us
then the process was worth it.
Do you get it yet?