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Day four … the vigil continues.
Mom O is peacefully quiet.
She is still with us only more subdued and more ‘out of body’ then in. We watch the process and we are amazed at her fortitude. Although we are tired and weary we wouldn’t miss this opportunity of sharing something so spiritual with each other. Watching someone you love pass from this life to the next is difficult and hard on ones heart. The roller coaster of emotions so draining. But it would be ‘more’ difficult if we were not believers for we know that where she is going is so much better than where she is leaving.
We are prayerful as we watch and wait for her to ‘let’ go.
Life as she knew it is now only a memory stored in our minds and hearts. Dad still has his hand on her head and rarely leaves her side. It is a love story played out in photo albums full of black and white photos portraying a life time of family memories. It is like a spiritual journey that is now ending.
Soon she will be home with Jesus. I can see her now as she enters the gated city. The host of angels will sing and shout as she walks into a new and wonderful place. Her son will greet her with a wide smile and happy heart and say, “Happy mothers day mom.”
Welcome home.

Mom O we will miss you.