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We stayed in Union Creek campground from Saturday the 16th of July to the 18th of July. We were able to see some fun ‘little critters’ and also journey around the area without our trailer with us. Larry got some really cute pictures of this little squirrel.
IMG_1230IMG_1224IMG_1220 (3)IMG_1233
At night Sharon and I were sitting at the camp ground and we had a ‘osprey’ fly over our heads. He was actually a bit scary, he was so close to us.
We thought it was an owl or even maybe a bat but it was an osprey and it was hunting from the waters edge.
The next day we were planning on going to the Oregon trail interpretive center in Baker, Oregon. It is the kind of museum we all loved seeing and we were excited to spend some time in it before our trip actually began.
I didn’t know what to expect. Sometimes museums are a bit boring for me, I like history but it also has to have interesting scenes or pictures and a reality I can grab a hold of emotionally. I was hoping not to be disappointed.