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Continuing in the book ‘Waking the dead’ John Eldredge says:
“As long as we have unhealed places within us, these rifts of the soul, we will find it next to impossible to live in freedom and victory.”
He continues to share, “These places keep under mining us at critical moments, cutting us off at the knees.”

This makes great sense to me. Have you ever felt so confident in something and really sure of yourself then all of a sudden you get blindsided with words of accusations and messages?
The voices in your head slam dunk your confidence as you hear:
“You can never do that”….or “You are not capable”…or…” Why would you even try you know you are going to fail.”

Growing up in your childhood someone told your tender heart and the spirit within you that you were not worthy or valued and you believed them. The damaging undermining words took root and you allowed the words to take residence in your heart and bend you in ways that you never should have bent.
The words were lies you had no business believing them.

John continues to say,”We desperately need the stream of Healing, so that we may go on to walk this journey with Christ.”

My challenge for us today is to ask what places of healing do we need to work on?
When I say ‘we’ I am asking you and I to look deep inside ourselves and be open to what we see.

John called them rifts in the soul, little cracks that allow negatives words or behaviors to affect us in the midst of moving forward. Our confidence becomes shattered and our belief in ourselves no longer stand strong and firm.

Today…We need to claim healing…
the Healing stream of Jesus and the waters of the Holy Spirit to refresh our souls.
Lord help us… to slow down….
so that we may see…
and feel and remove…
the broken hurt places in our hearts
so that you… ‘THE GREAT and Almighty Healer …can heal us.’

It is all about becoming who WE really are… a healed Child of God.