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Time seems to be passing by so quickly these days.
Yesterday as my husband and I were driving to the beach I realized it is the first of March.
In fact once we got to the beach I had to do some scrambling to pay a bill that was due the first as I had spaced out that February was ending.
Getting old has it’s moments I guess. Seems like we just had Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Spring will be just around the corner and we will enjoy some sunny days of warmth and newness.I am by nature one who loves the rain and the coolness of our climate but sometimes it is good to have a sunny warm day.
My husband and I go to a Christian camp and he volunteers his time helping out with a much needed list of things to get done. Normally in his work world he is an engineer designing dental equipment but sometimes when given the opportunity he loves to be on the farm equipment.
He is actually retired but working just a few days a week now for a few months.
I am often sitting in the office or today I am in my trailer and enjoying the warmth of heat, coffee and time alone.
I walk the trails when it’s warmer and enjoy the flowers of the coast and the oceans landscape of flowers and sand.The Oregon coast range is often cold and rainy and it’s a wonderful majestic time of beauty and force of nature.
It is raining outside and very cloudy  not sure if I will get a walk in today the wind is cold and it’s nice to be cozy by the heater.
These pictures were from a different time here at the beach.
Another place I love to visit is what they have named a conversation pit. I imagine people sitting and sharing matters of heart or soul and enjoying the time together around a fire perhaps making smores. This is a special beach for us.
We will always have a fondness of heart for this place.
It’s nothing special yet it is… and it is a place for spiritual growth if one allows themselves to listen to the quiet and peace of the day. I have already told my husband should I pass away before him, I want to be placed here where I will be remembered.
Near the crosses and near the ocean that roars constantly.There are three crosses overlooking the ocean high upon a hill… reminding me of the song ‘the old rugged cross.’