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We remember the day we said goodbye to our mom O.
Two years ago the day before mothers day
she left us to go ‘be with the Lord’.
For over two years she fought pancreatic cancer consenting to have major surgery which required a difficult recovery in her 80’s then she added into the equation chemo then a new diagnosis of diabetes.
Each step along the way she had faith that she might win the fight as she did years ago when she had breast cancer surgery.
When she finally realized the disease was progressing to the end stage she agreed to sign up for hospice.
My husband and his family watched their mother deal with the horrible disease of cancer.
It was bitter sweet.
In the beginning some moments were good when they could talk about matters of the heart.
Then other moments later were very difficult as they watched her slow down and move closer to the direction of heaven.
We knew where she was going and she even told us, ‘the angels were nearby waiting to take her home’.
We remember when we sang songs to her and said goodbye.
We miss her often.

We loved her much.
We remember her always… our mom O.
{mom and dad O with Abby their dog}