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Today is the day we remember all veterans. Those who have served and those who currently are serving.
It seems like it isn’t the same as it used to be these days. I remember when Bob Hope would go and do special entertainment for the service men and women. It was a special time for them.
Christmas music and gifts given for them. For some reason we rarely hear about those who serve.
Even in the holiday season they used to have the service men and women on TV talking to their parents, and sharing where they serve. It isn’t the same any more.
I feel bad that many choose to go and protect us yet they get forgotten while there or at home.
It would be a huge life change to go from a ‘normal’ home life where freedom is everyday then move to a foreign country with ‘military attachment’s’ all around.
I have also heard they carry heavy back backs along with heavy artillery.
The connections made so far away from home are probably good; but once home I doubt if they contact anyone.
I pray for those who are so far away. It’s not an easy life. It is very life changing for them.
My dad served in the navy and my father in law served in the army. That was when wars were less sophisticated and the fighting was more one to one combat.
I had a friend at one of my work places who was from Vietnam and she showed me the other side of the story from the ‘opposite’ point of view. She escaped on a fishing boat after she lost her entire family.
I think war of any kind is horrible. It is not a win or lose it is a hard topic for sure.
Many who return home don’t talk about the experiences. I am sure there are many reasons why too.
Today we remember the veterans. Those who have served and those who serve.
Thank you for your choice and your decision. We know that freedom is not free for everyone.