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Today is a birthday to celebrate for our grand son Samuel.
Our son’s first son. He joined our family weighing in at 5 pounds and with dark hair.
He is our fourth grand child and the first boy to carry on the family name.
Today he turns 14. He is a teen now and growing tall, with braces and so much potential ahead of him.
His love of reading will help him go far in the world, as he learns more and experiences more.
Samuel, a gift from God. I remember they didn’t know what he was going to be at birth, surprises are nice.
I also remember my son coming out of the delivery room telling us he had a son.
It was so exciting and so special to be a part of the celebration.
1st Samuel 1:26 {I prayed for this child, and God gave me what I asked for. And now I have dedicated him to God. He’s dedicated to God for life.}
In the bible Samuel was a mighty man of God and warrior and judge, he was a strong and special character.
I believe our grand son will be the same strong character through his life decisions and in his faith.
Our son is raising him to be respectful and honest, it will be such a blessing to see what the next four years will bring for him as he grows more and more into a young adult.
I can’t even imagine him driving, I know he will be but oh my vision still has him younger.
Time is moving quickly and the grand children are growing before our eyes.
I pray that we can be an influence to all of them.
I pray that they all know we love them, support them and will always be there for them.
To be grand parents is a role we do not take lightly. It is a calling and a privilege.
Samuel Wesley named after your very special grandpa, I pray you continue to love our God.
That you follow after him with all your heart, soul and mind.
That you listen to your parents for they know many things and they want the very best for you.
That you remember you are who your brothers look up to and are watching.
They are little shadows following, be a good example for them.
I pray for you and know in my heart you will go far. Keep striving and keep learning.
For life is one big huge long lesson and always walk alongside your father.