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Today is the day to vote.
All over the United States it’s a voter privilege day.
I never realized what an honor it is to be able to vote; even though my ‘one’ vote doesn’t seem like much.
Each person must decide who they want to win for office if they care at all about the choices made.
History has proven over and over when people vote it changes the way and the direction of politics.
I do not ever bring up politics but today is the day to vote.
It is the day for us to be unified in decisions and unified in having our voices heard.
When we say ‘God bless America’ it is not said lightly or in a joking manner, we really mean it.
Please God; bless OUR United States of America and hold us up to be strong, and respected.
I hope we can voice our opinions and say our thoughts and still choose to agree or not in a civil way.
I do believe in the goodness of most people and those who are questionable; I don’t choose to be with them.
Life is often a series of choices and we can choose and still know wrong from right.
Today I pray for our voters and for good choices and good results.