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Today is October 1st and fall is officially here.
It’s hard to believe we are in the fall season already.
I love the fall.
It is my favorite time of year, (other than those nasty spiders).
I am not into Halloween, but I do enjoy the festive decorating, using fake leaves and pretty table cloths.
Historically this was the month I would always get sick.
Every year I would get bronchitis or other breathing issues that included a cough.
It finally went away and that season for me has changed.
Last Christmas I had a nasty ‘something’ that was right before my surgery.
I thought it was pneumonia but it went away and they did give me antibiotic during my surgery.
The bug was gone after I woke up so they must have taken care of it with a variety of meds.
Fall is so beautiful, the colors are radiant and bright.
I love the crispy air and the need for sweaters and boots.It has been a very strange year with all that has gone on.
I pray the coming year will be different.
Better perhaps? more hopeful?
None of us would know the intensity of 2020.
It’s a good thing we are resilient people.
There has been so much tragedy, so much hard stuff, so many with major illnesses.
We must also not forget we are in the middle of a very intense political season.
It is polarizing and sad, that opinions are strong and words are spoken.
I will never let politics get in the way of my relationships with people.
My friends and family are way more important than making my point clear.
I know the direction I am going in this election.
God is ultimately in control and HE will ordain the rulers of the land.
Today is October 1st and fall is officially here.