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Today is Fathers day, a day to remember our dads and what they mean to us.
It’s always been hard for me since most of my life my dad was not around.
This day, was an empty day on the calendar.
I would walk past the card section of the store and see the assorted cards with warm and fuzzy sayings.
Seemed odd for me since I could not relate to most of them.
Later in my life my dad did become part of ‘our’ life but I still didn’t spend a lot of time with him.
His absence impacted me more than his ‘presence’ and even as he was older in age; it was a different kind of relationship.
I will always miss what I never had or experienced, but I do believe in his own way he loved me.
I always loved him from a distance.
My husband had an amazing dad, who was known as pop or grandpa or grandpa O.
He was there for his six kids and even till the day he died; he was sharing with them and very active in their lives.
We had an adopted grandpa that our kids had, he wasn’t a relative but he was grandpa and he was very present in their lives.
My husband is a very active and present dad to our two grown children and our six grand children.
He is grandpa, he is a prayer warrior over them, he is advisor, he is advocate. He is dad.
Then our son has grown into a wonderful amazing dad to his three sons.
The baton of fatherhood passed down, the responsibility and honor given to him as the generations continue.
Today is Fathers day, a day to remember our dads and what they mean to us.
I will always know in my heart not only did I have a physical earthly dad; I also have a heavenly dad.
My God is a good Father, and His love is forever no matter what I do.
Happy Fathers day to all the dads who so deserve the words.