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Continuing on with the book, “Saying it well” by Charles Swindoll.

The next chapter he focuses on being prepared.
He tells us before you say anything or share anything you need to be prepared enough so that others are aware that you know what you are talking about.
In the effort of preparation he said for us to make time to not be distracted.
I know when I am writing or forming a blog post if the phone rings it is not answered.
I do not let myself get distracted by email or facebook or messaging.
As I sit in front of the computer if it is writing time
that is my focus.
I do not let anything get in the way of my thought process.
That has to be an hour that is not disturbed.
It takes discipline to get up and write.
Even Jeff Goins in his writing challenge said for us to make time every day to write.
Write everyday so that your practicing increases your skill level.
Just as in anything we do the more practice time we allow ourselves the better we become.
If the goal for us is to become good writers we must take the time now to get it done.
Charles tells us: “the future is never promised to us so we much act today.”
The other part of preparation that he tells us about is choosing good and wise mentors.
Others who are walking the same path as we are but have done it much longer and can give good advise.
The other part of preparation he tells us about is to have a clear understanding of who we are and also to always be authentic.

Remembering his three things to focus on:
Know who you are
Accept who you are
Be who you are
In order to move towards a calling such as writing or speaking we need to acquire the necessary skills in order to move forward.
If we need a class to help us then we need to take that class.
If we need to practice writing then we need to submit guest posts.
He tells us excellent communicators never stop preparing.
It takes effort.
Be passionate about what matters to you.
Excellent communicators know who they are.
Sometimes when we write we end up also speaking about what we wrote.
Be prepared. Be passionate. Be disciplined.
Begin to do what your heart is telling you to do.
Begin to express who you are to others.
Are you ready to begin today?