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Day two of the challenge we are supposed to write about how we believe in ourselves as a writer.
How we believe in the gift given to us to put words on paper so that a story can be told.
He says to courageously embrace your gift of writing and begin strong not doubting yourself.
When we embrace something that is a strong statement and a close intimate action.
Usually we embrace what matters to us.
So our writing should matter too.
He says to meditate on the gift of writing.
We are to take the time to do what needs to be done for us to write from deep within our spirit.
He says to not let anything distract us.
He even suggested that we get up two hours earlier in the morning for the purpose of writing.
It is encouraging to try to write with a purpose and to learn to write well.
I find my confidence is not as strong as it should be or perhaps could be on this topic.
This challenge is going to push me into a new place and purpose.
I wait for the final lesson.