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When we begin to look at the Christmas story in the book of Luke in the new testament.
The word tells us that Mary was only around age 12-14 when the angel came to visit her.
That is the age of my grand daughter who is in eighth grade.
That is an amazing and almost hard to believe part of the story.
Our Pastor said on Sunday,
“She was not thirty like most people think she was or as ancient pictures present her to be.”
She was young.
She was a teen.
She was innocent.
The God who knows all and
sees all and
cares about all
decided that out of everyone ever chosen to be the mother
of the son of God
Mary was chosen.
Mary who was a teenager and Joseph who wasn’t much older.
Was chosen to be a vital part of this amazing story.
The story we are still talking about and
singing about and
sharing over and over every year at Christmas time.
She was not well known nor was she rich or highly educated.
She was young.
Our Pastor said, “Don’t ever discount or minimize the importance of your youth”.
God chose Mary and the amazing part was her acceptance.
She knew and had heard the story of a Saviour coming.
What she didn’t know would change her life forever.
When the angel said, ‘Do not be afraid’ she was more afraid of the angel talking to her than what the angel was saying.
She was deeply troubled by the angels words but she also accepted them.
Isn’t that amazing?
Here she was an obscure peasant girl very few people knew and
she was the chosen one.
I wonder
would we have the heart of acceptance and attitude of submission
if asked to do something very important.
It’s definitely something for us to think about as we
remember the Christmas story.