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Three years and six days after our son was born we were expecting our second child.
It was to be a surprise and we didn’t find out ‘who’ was joining us till the birth.
Our son was very excited to be a big brother, but also very determined to not have his birthday crashed.
I didn’t have normal labor with him, it was rushed and hard, so with this second baby I was aware of contractions but not to a point of concern.
I had gone to a doctor’s appointment that day and had an ultrasound picture in my purse.
The baby was breech, head up, and very comfortable. The doctor said, ‘snug as as a bug can be.’
We were invited to a birthday party of my husband’s brother and we visited, and had cake and ice cream.
I remember heading home in the car and feeling a bit uncomfortable but not too bad.
By nature I have a high pain tolerance so for me it has to be HORRIBLE in order for me to complain.
We watched some TV and put our son to bed.
I ended up in bed and as the night progressed the pains progressed.
I finally woke my husband up and said, “can you time this?”
I was having very regular very strong labor.
We called grandma and she came in the dark of the night.
We got into the car and headed for the hospital.
By that time I was pushing and really having a difficult time.
Of course the baby was facing the wrong way and as soon as we got to the hospital, they realized it was urgent.
I was rushed into surgery, a C-section as my husband was out waiting to sit beside me.
It was again a rushed time of anesthesia and Iv’s but thank God they could give me a block.
It was urgent with a breech baby to get the surgery done.
At 5:13am we were parents again after about 8 hours of mild to hard labor.
Three years and six days after our son was born we were blessed with a daughter.
She had dark hair and olive complexion. She had a round head and was beautiful.
Tiny, too all of 5 pounds. We named her Sarah.
Three years and six days after our son was born, we were parents again.