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I was reading a blog by a writer named Lysa Terkeurst and she was challenging her readers to think about something. Well that was just up my alley since this blog title is called ‘something to think about’.
I have always loved a challenge and a deep thinking one too.

Lisa said: What three words do you want to say today.
Three intentionally chosen words
Three words that would mean something
What would they be…
if that is all you could say to someone?
What would you say?

Then she asked: 
When the last day of your life comes and people are standing around describing you or talking about you. What three words do you think others would say about you?
What would you want them to say or hope they would say?
I would like them to say at least two words.
She loved.
She loved God
She loved family
She loved friends and most of all
She loved life.
What words do you need to think about today?