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As we enter into the Easter week our pastor continued on the ‘hurt’ topic.
This time he focused on Peter, and the conversation he had with Jesus.
Remember when Jesus was in the garden praying and how he had asked for some ’emotional’ support from his ‘disciples’ and found them all resting instead of praying with him. His heart was broken deeply for he knew the pain ahead of him was not really what he wanted to experience. Remember he was God in flesh so the flesh would experience the flogging, the weight of the cross, the crown of thorns forcibly placed on his head. He knew the separation between himself and God would take place.
His heart was heavy. 
He knew yet he chose ~ to love us.
He knew and He continued to press forward in obedience.
He knew the nails that would pierce his hands.

He knew hearts would grow cold against him and the hatred from the people.
In the courtyard in John 21:7 someone said to Peter, “You  knew him”… and Peter said, “No I have no idea who he is” … “No I don’t know him”. Three times Peter denied Jesus.
Three times as Jesus had predicted to him and on the third denial the rooster crowed and Peter immediately remembered what Jesus had said, “You will deny me three times”…
his heart was full of grief and remorse and anguish because of what he had done.
After the resurrection Peter and the ‘guys’ were back to fishing. It was the only thing they knew to do.
A figure came near them in the water they realized it was Jesus. John 21:7 Peter jumped out of the boat to go to him. Pastor said his heart was so broken by what he had said that he ‘raced’ to go see Jesus even in the water. (Like a long lost friend returning) Jesus said to them in verse 12, “Come have breakfast.” The disciples didn’t have to ask who he was they knew it was the Lord.  
Later on as they were talking Jesus said in vs 15, “Peter do you love me?” and Peter said yes.
Then Jesus asked again in vs 17: “Peter do you love me?” and Peter by now frustrated by the questions said, “Yes again” in the voice tone of …’I am hurt you would even ask me again.’ 
Then Jesus asked a third time, “Peter do you love me?” at that point Peter was hurt and sad over the fact that Jesus did not believe him. Jesus was restoring the relationship that Peter had broken. When Jesus needed him the most, when he needed the support in the most intense way.
Three times. He denied.
Three times he was asked by Jesus ~ it was more like the question of, “where is your heart Peter?”
Jesus was restoring Peter’s identity to him. As a friend and as a brother who loved him.
It was a confirmation from Jesus that they both knew the significance of the three questions.
I am wondering if there was an opportunity between you and Jesus.
What three questions would Jesus ask you today?