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We have seen devastation.
We have seen beauty.
A hurricane so forceful it tore cement poles in half and carried houses away for miles.
A wedding of royalty of Kings and Queens
and fairy tales.
We have seen lives destroyed.
We have seen lives changed by words spoken through the act of love within a marriage ceremony.
Is the Lord’s coming near?
Devastation of land and lives over and over and
it is as if He is speaking to us.
Japan experienced it in full force
Cities destroyed by Tsunami waves.
It is as if He is saying to us:
I am God.
I am Power.
I am in control.
Lord God there is so much to see and experience and talk about.
Worlds are in contrast ~
Lives left with devastation with ruined homes and broken dreams
Lives brought together by a kingdom of wealth and

Duke and Duchess and horse drawn carriages.

A fairy tale world who would never understand or know
the devastation of homes ruined
and lives changed.
It has been a strange and weird week.
Filled with ups and downs ~ sadness and happiness mixed together
leaving us unsure of how to feel.
I pray for a new and better week.