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This time of Thanksgiving.
As we move more into the month of November I find myself thinking of ways to be thankful.
There are so many things we can be aware of, family and friends in our lives, things that give  us peace.
To be thankful is to have gratitude. An attitude of blessing.
Most of us have many things to be thankful for.
Traditions are good. They bring holidays full circle to what was ‘then and what is now.’
As a little girl we would go to my grandparents house for the ‘large’ family gathering.
The table so festive full of warm homecooked food. The flowers so pretty with candles flickering.
I love the formal festivities and have tried to continue that tradition with our ‘family’.
The tradition of dressing up a bit more than jeans, making it a special event and meal.
Oh how we love to cook the turkey and have it smell throughout the house.
Then you add the rolls, potatoes, gravy and always green beans. Then a fresh made pumpkin pie.
I am loving the whole process although it tends to be a pretty messy meal to clean up after.
I also use formal china and pretty glasses that all need hand washed.
Someday when the grand children think back on the meal; I hope they not only have warm memories of good food but also remember how pretty it was.
I guess that doesn’t really matter so much as long as the room is peaceful and happy.
It is a wonderful tradition that sometimes seems to be passing away. Life is different now.
Holidays are always going to be special in our home.
As this time of thanksgiving moves us towards the season of giving; may we treasure every moment we spend together. Life is different now but we can make a point in making it good and special.