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This Sunday is another Mother’s day. It’s a day for Hallmark cards and flowers and words that say, “Thank you.”
My mother is gone now, and my husband’s mother is too, neither of us have grandmother’s and it’s ok.
We all know mom’s who we can encourage in this journey of motherhood.
It is hard and sometimes weary. If they are married or single it is still a road to walk of sacrifice and giving.
I remember being a young mom and how many times I asked the question, “will I ever rest again?”
Looking back I can say, Yes rest comes, and as we release the burdens we put on ourselves it comes much easier.
If I were to talk to a young mom today I would first say, “chill out.”
“The to do list will always be there, the work is in front of you when you see little smiles, hear little giggles and listen to endless questions, it does get easier and it also gets more difficult. Both are true.
When they are tiny you worry about teething and sleep, then they start to walk and you worry about safety. Then they move into the years before preschool and you wonder if they will ever get out of diapers.
My answer is always yes. I have never seen an older child in them, it does work and they will graduate into the big boy or girl pants. I promise.
The school years you worry and fuss over them and you don’t know if they will grow right since they don’t eat their vegetables or drink their milk. Believe me they will be fine.
Grade school is rough and the kids can be harsh but hang in there and be involved.
After they graduate from junior high you worry and gasp at every ‘thought’ of them going to dances or dating.
Believe me I tell young mom’s it is so much easier when they are tiny ones at least you know who their friends are and where they sleep at night.
High school is whole other topic. They are growing into themselves, they are making choices on their own.
They must do that in order to develop and mature. Do not take that away from them.
You cannot make all decisions or do all things for them. They must grow and in that growing they will fail and make wrong choices.
Your job is not judging your job is encouraging and walking alongside them like a cheerleader.
They need a mom who believes in them with a knowing ‘deep in their heart’, “My mom will be here no matter what.”
The role of a mom is a difficult one. We are asked to give our selves on many levels for many years.
It is a great honor to watch your child develop and grow into a man or woman of character and maturity.
At the end of that road you can pat yourself on the back, put lotion on those praying knees, and thank God that it all worked out. Believe me mom’s your heart will stretch and stretch more when you become a mom.
I say, chill out, and enjoy these moments, from a mom who has grown children. This too will pass much more quickly then you can ever imagine, then it all starts over when you become a grandma.”