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from a very special friend of ours
I pray you can take a moment and listen to a gentle teaching from Joel.

On the road less traveled, here, sitting in the middle of the Salmon River, I want to lift up a prayer for you:
I pray that you would know
the richness of God’s love and presence in your life.
He is the God of life.
He is the Breath of life.
And as you breath your lungs take in the presence,
the very presence and power of God.
(If you don’t believe me, just read your Bibles…
…or just get out here, where nature screams it.)
But in this moment in time –
Wherever you are at –
Whatever your struggle –
Whatever your victory –
Whatever your pain –
Whatever your shame –
Know this – that you cannot escape the presence of God.
And I pray the you would sense that right now.
And as you draw in the next breath that it would give you peace and strength
– to get through this day and face tomorrow.
And that you would trust that the goodness of God would follow you
– like a never ending stream.
And that you would know God in the way that I have come to know him.
And see him in everything that lives.
And that you would find the time to escape man’s world and man’s creation
and see God.
In some ways that’s a big prayer and in other ways it is so simple.
I pray that you will breathe the presence of God in,
in a way that you have never known or never understood.
And maybe you’ve never believed –
But as you take your breath
(We’ve lost in translation,
but literally the Bible says that he is our Breath, he is our Life)
And as you draw in that Breath this life that fills your body and your lungs and your heart,
Know that God is present – not just with you but in you
and by virtue of his presence he knows your thoughts.
Your struggles.
Your secrets.
And he loves you anyway.
May that give you peace and joy and security today.
Worship him.
Breathe him.
Know him
– like you’ve never known before.
This is my prayer for you.
From the road less traveled.
You know what I’m going to say…
Get out there!