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The birth of a baby is always so miraculous
then to add the reality that this baby truly was a miracle.
Chosen by God and announced through the angels.

Can you even imagine holding him
touching his hair and
feeling his warm breath sleeping soundly after nursing.
I imagine he was wrapped in the strips of cloth Joseph had ripped
from parts of his own clothing.
Mary swaddling and holding this precious baby as he slept.
Could she keep him safe and warm.
Could she know the life he would live.
Could she love him then let him go.
The long journey was over and
A baby was born
Her baby.
His baby.
God’s baby.
Did Joseph see in his eyes something deep and inviting.
Could he tell this baby
was so very different from others he might have held.
So much of the birth story we are not told.
So much of it we have to wonder about.
When the sky lit up and the host of angels sang to the shepherds
“Glory to God in the highest”
they knew and had been told
this baby would be chosen
just as they had been chosen
to be a part of the birth story.

A precious baby was born in the city called Bethlehem
and the world would never be the same.