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For all of October most of the ‘blog’ world are choosing
to write every day on a challenge called 31 days.
Some are picking a word, some are picking a topic,
some featuring pictures,
it is an individual choice as to what each day or theme would bring for the author.
I am not officially joining that challenge so I created my own.
Today I will start with 31 things about myself you may not know.
1. my favorite time of year is the fall ~ love the cool days and crisp nights
2. my favorite thing to do is go to the beach
3. my height is five foot
4. my weight needs an adjustment
5. my favorite cozy clothes are sweat pants and baggy shirts with soft socks
6. my favorite dessert is breyers heath bar ice cream ~
don’t have it very often.
7. my favorite dinner is fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy ~
don’t have it very often
8. my favorite breakfast is a crunchy homemade waffle with real syrup and real butter
9. my favorite sheets are flannel ~ love a warm cozy bed
10. my favorite way of decorating is with antiques and roses
11. my favorite way to drink coffee is with real half and half cream
12. my favorite way to relax is a dim lit room with little noise
13. my favorite sound is my cat purring next to me as I type
14. my hair is generally cut short and is low maintenance
15. my hair is becoming curly the older I get
16. my dog is a red heeler and my cat is a tortoise shell calico
17. my dislike is over head bright lights
18. my other dislike is rude people
19. my career has been a variety of many different jobs the last one in a pharmacy
20. my most expensive gift for myself was a massage bed the second was diamond earrings
21. my house is clean but not spotless the atmosphere is cozy and comfortable
22. my favorite chip is Frito the next favorite is kettle potato chip with sea salt
23. my favorite music is good old southern gospel with hymns
24. my personality is more introvert than extrovert although I do visit with people I don’t know
25. my blog is three years old and my online world is stretching to meet ‘new online friends’
26. my six grandchildren are my joys each one unique and special to me
27. my Saturday’s are always sleep in days at least until eight am
28. my doctor said my case was unique since he diagnosed my mumps two times in two years
29. my case of shingles triggered the last case of mumps
30. my face was so swollen only a husband would love it
31. my other favorite food is tacos on a hard shell

Well I am sure many things were  missed but that is a small grouping
of who this writer is and how you can get to know me better.