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There was an advantage of not knowing what I was doing in the beginning.
I wasn’t controlled by rules of writing or how to get readers or even the ‘right way to write’.
I was just lead slowly and surely by the spirit of the Lord and that is how it all began.
Each day I set aside some time for writing. Even if it was just a small amount.
It felt as if I was lead to share and to move forward and it was all new and good.
Often times I would use sermon notes to give me an idea.
Sometimes I would think of everyday activities and how that would become a blog post.
At first I would think of a topic and then google a picture and then add it into my post.
Years later I know now that is not the correct way to do a blog, in fact it’s not a wise thing to do.
If one wants to do pictures within a blog it has to be one that is taken by yourself or borrowed with permission from the original print owner.
The other thing I learned; was how to water mark the pictures using pic monkey.
It is all such a learning curve just like anything we choose to do.
Time and effort create a positive result.
It’s not hard if someone just takes on the challenge, if that is what your heart is calling you to do.
Some people sew as a hobby, or paint or teach exercise classes.
I choose to write and what I write about depends on what is going on within my heart or home.
Again the question tries to create doubt, who would want to read it?
That can’t be a stumbling block or a discouragement.
A well known writer has once said, “we write for one.”
The audience of one, Our God and then adding to that, ourselves.
So just a little more history of why it all began and how it began.
Are you ready for some early reading? Let the sharing begin.