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In the next chapter of the book ‘Saying it well’ by Charles Swindoll
he tells us that saying it well requires dedication.
We must do what it takes to pursue our dream.
If we want to write then we must make the time and devote our ‘intentions’ to that dream.
If we want to do something else then we must do what it takes to prepare for it.
For some that might mean going back to school, or a training setting.
It might be a huge inconvenience for a short season but we are pursuing our hearts desire and it will be worth it once we have successfully met the challenge.
For others that might mean we have to quit the job we have so we can do what our heart is calling us to do.
That is basically what I did when I quit my job and began to write in this blog.
It is a process of becoming familiar with the dream and knowing how to make it happen.
He tells us there are three things for us to think about:
a. Identify our calling
b. Devote ourselves to preparation
c. Begin the journey
In order to begin a journey we must remember why we are pursuing our calling.
Some of us will go towards a new direction easily.
Our life experiences have already prepared us for hard and difficult times ahead.
Using the depth and insights we have learned gives us a head start above others and sets us apart from those who have not had life experiences like ours.
He tells us that keeping our ambition in check will help us in making good choices.
If we want to pursue writing then we must do what it takes to become a good writer but also understand that our life experiences bring a wealth of knowledge to us much more than a class room study book.
Don’t underestimate your life experiences.
He also tells us to pay close attention to our gut instinct.
“A churning gut means to apply the brakes and stop.”
“Intuition is powerful especially if we listen to it.”
Sometimes we have to take a break or even say no for a detour can mean other better things will come our way later when the time is right.
“When you feel restless pay attention to what your heart is telling you.”
Saying it well comes from handling life’s circumstances and transitions and coming out better on the other side.
We learn from our set backs and the paths that take us to different places.
He also tells us to seek counsel from those who really know us and
who are encouraging to our hearts and our dreams.
His final thought when ending the chapter is this:
“God crafts the character of a person using experiences as tools for shaping us.”
In saying all that, I do feel like the storms that I have had to pass through in this life did prepare me for my writing.
I cannot write from a place I have never been but
I can write from a deep place I have been
in such a way that others can feel ‘they are there with me’.
What I can write about is the journey God prepared for me to go on years before I went on it.
It was all for a purpose.
It was all for a reason and a plan so that I can learn to ‘say it well too’.