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The time for saying good bye is coming soon.
The chapter will close on the house we live in as we move to the next.
It has been hard. It has been freeing.
We have lived in this house for twenty three years.
It has been a walk down memory lane as I opened boxes that have been closed for years.
Through this process I have:
Found my original Barbie doll with her case full of clothes all hand made by my mom and grandma.
Found old letters my husband wrote to me in high school before we were married. (We were dating off and on.)
Teenage stuff, I also found yearbooks, and cards given to me from friends many years ago.
They are keepsakes to me.
Someday my kids who are now grown will probably throw them away but for now they stay.
Memories of friends is good.
I found pictures and more pictures, and magazine articles and books. School memories and brochures.
Some I didn’t keep, others I did.
It is a cleaning up of the old and recycle, remove, shred or re-home.
It will be less burdensome to have things less cluttered.
I am by nature a sentimental messy. I have notes and drawings my kids and my grand kids have given to me.
You can’t get childhood back but you can walk down memory lane at times.
I found old pens, old tablets and all kinds of assorted things I imagined I would use or need years ago.
Retirement changes things. What I needed when I worked is not what I need now.
I was able to re-homed sweaters, sweatshirts and shoes, and other items that were good.
I am not one to give to good will but I have chosen some things to go there.
We gave furniture away and appliances in this process of downsizing.
I have had to focus on what is really important. What is my bottom line, too keep.
Someday I will have to purge again, I know we are packing way more than we need.
The walk down memory lane has been good. It validates many things for me.
It also allows me to say, that was then; this is now; I don’t need it anymore.
The journey is almost over. Soon I can settle into a new office space and a new time for writing.
Till then keep us in your prayers we sure need it.