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Blast from the past again… for your enjoyment.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Binoculars and wild imagination

The next event that happened with the local police department was just a few weeks after the night incident.

found in clip art 

My best friend who had recently gotten married after being widowed for almost seven years, asked me to pick up her mail out of her mail box while they were on a short vacation.
I said, “sure I can do that I have done it before, no problem.” 

She just lives about a quarter mile from me and it was easy to drive by quickly and pick her mail up. When they got home I would give it all to them. Easy thing to do for a friend, I thought it was no issue.

Only this time the neighbor… looked through her window and saw me at the mail box taking mail out then driving away.
She immediately wrote down my license plate and yes you guessed it, she called the police department and told them I was stealing mail out of her neighbors mail box.
So one more time, around dinner time, we get a knock on the front door and two officers were there asking my husband if the white car in our driveway was mine. 
My husband said, “yes why are you asking?”
Well they said they received a report of mail theft and had to come over and check it out.   
My husband explained that she was my best friend and I was only helping her out.

I could not believe the nosy neighbor actually called the police, and they were at my door again, in less than a few weeks. I am sure they were really beginning to wonder who Officer O’s mom really was. 
Another funny moment in the life and small town in Oregon.