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Before we do a ninth person of the Christmas story
we need to return our focus back to Joseph and Mary.
They were alone in Bethlehem after traveling many miles to get there, soon to deliver a precious child.
Joseph knew there was no choice but to get there and even though
it was so close to delivery Mary had to go with him.
It was a chance they took not fully realizing that it was all a part of a bigger God ordained plan.
Their story is one of obedience, and trust, and love.
It is a story of a young mom preparing her heart for delivery and a
dad who would walk alongside her, as their lives would change before them forever in time.
I wonder sometimes about the birth story.
As they walked on the roads to Bethlehem did they talk and share with each other about their fears and concerns about what was to come for them?
Did Mary share her experience with him about her visit with Elizabeth, and what it was like for her to be there for those months before the birth of John?
Meeting Elizabeth was a pretty life changing moment for her as she proclaimed her words of praise and adoration for Mary and her child.
So many questions surround the birth of this Holy baby.
As they entered Bethlehem and realized there was no place for them to rest.
They had to look hard for a shelter, for Mary was soon to deliver their little baby.
There were so many people in town because of the census they had to find whatever they could, and that turned out to be a barn with a manger for the baby to sleep in.
Did God allow her a deep peace and extra comfort because of who she was, or did she have the real labor, like anyone else giving birth to a newborn?
What about a soft clean spot for her to lay down on, did they use the donkeys blanket full of hair and the smell of animal sweat or did Joseph make part of his tunic or robe as covering for her.
She knew she was giving birth to a very special baby.
I wonder how each contraction felt for her, as she pushed and waited like any ‘expectant mom’ wishing for it all to be over.
The journey to Bethlehem was just the beginning of their sacrifice.
Their lives would never be the same.
She would always be the mother of Jesus.
Mary might have learned some things about giving birth after being with Elizabeth.
The difference this time were the conditions and smells surrounding her, they were not perfect or even clean.
They were in a barn where animals had been.
It was birth. Raw. Real. Revealing. The details not told to us.
We know the Christ child was born and we also know
in a town called Bethlehem life began.
Hope appeared and a family was born.
Lives would forever be changed because of Mary’s little boy.
Can you even imagine being the first one to hold and touch and kiss
his soft little cheeks, feel his wispy hair and touch his baby ears?
To look into his precious eyes and see love already.
God trusted them because she had a pure heart and he was a man of integrity and honor.
Like many new parents, they counted fingers and toes,
and marveled at his beauty and innocence.
Holding their baby tight their lives would be changed forever.
I am not sure they understood the impact of his life and
the miraculous birth of their baby boy.
God’s chosen Son.
On this tenth day of Christmas I ask you to think on these things.
as we learn of the miracle of the Holy Child of Bethlehem.
It was all in the plan.
Isaiah 7:14: Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign.
Behold the virgin shall conceive and bear a son and she
shall call his name Immanuel. (God with us-the Messiah)