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As I continue on the story of US…my husband and I in our ‘beginning years’.
We dated the rest of my senior year of high school and since I was in art and also in a graphic arts class I made our wedding invitations by hand.
I printed them off and also at the same time received a triple A because of the class project and because I was in the class three hours.
The financial burden of the ‘wedding’ was on me and I did work part time at a Christian Yellow page business.
I worked on a typesetting machine and a printing press.
It was a long three hours as I had to transfer onto several city buses to finally get to the work site.
Kind of silly now when I think of it as a young teen, working only a two hour shift then heading back to the bus to go home.
I am sure my ‘wage was low’ and I can’t imagine why I actually did all that for a small amount of money.
The grooms family provided rehearsal dinner. Our rehearsal was very simple and the meal was even more simple. I think it was sandwiches and finger food and maybe a vegetable platter.
I would graduate in June from high school and we would be married by early November. I was age 18.
Ward our youth pastor at the time, gave us some counseling and then he said we were ready.
Are you ever ready to start a new life, leave your old and begin again?
I was ready to leave as my mother had gotten married and it was time.
As the days moved closer my grandmother made my dress.
It was a hand made, hand sewn beautiful dress by her.
Custom designed as the McCall patterns did not have dresses for 85 pound brides.
Grandma had to redesign it to fit me.
Since she was a designer at Jantzen she knew what to do and how to do it.
I always hated that paper she used for measuring with scratchy pins… holding the pattern pieces securely.
She was a wonderful seamstress it was just a challenge to get it to fit me. The bridesmaids wore the same pattern only in different colors.
Our wedding was not really ‘ours’ since my mom did most of the planning.
Most of the time she had a ‘I am in charge attitude’ and I didn’t have enough voice back then to fight it.
I am sure it was fulfilling a dream of hers in one way or the other.
I did have some opinions but very few.
I wanted my grandpa to walk me down the aisle, I felt like he would have loved to play in that role, but she said no. I couldn’t ask him.
It made me sad but again I didn’t fight it.
I didn’t have my dad he never saw me as a young bride. In fact he never saw me on many special events, but that is for another blog post.
It was a ’empty’ place in my heart, not a healing one for sure.
She had me walk down the aisle with her husband who was not my dad and not my choice.
I didn’t feel safe with him, so it created a ‘dissonance for me,’ on our wedding day.
I am not sharing this to be mean or critical, I am just telling my story as it was at the time.
I did know my best friend and two sisters would be in the wedding. He had a few brothers too who would be in it.
(They had five boys in his family so the older ones were a part of our wedding party)
It was always a bit surreal to me. As the story continues.
We were young and heading into a ‘marriage that was new’ to both of us as we began a lifetime together.
When I saw Ward our old Youth Pastor, a few weeks ago, I began to walk down memory lane in my head and in my heart.
Stay with me if you are interested, as we continue to journey through the story.