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The story and legacy of a man’s life was on the internet today.
The reverend Billy Graham was laid to rest in the Billy Graham gardens.
He was ninety nine when he died, lived a good long life and one that was watched both near and far.
He was a man of integrity and honor and he was someone who most people respected.
The service was amazing and simple. The music was the same, simple and pure.
The legacy He left behind was one of deep faith and rich words sharing the gospel wherever he would go.
Many times I have watched the altar call, as a choir would sing, “Just as I am.”
As hundreds and hundreds of people would walk forward to give their lives to Jesus.
It never got old. Come as you are, HE is waiting for you.
I am sure the stories his family would tell would perhaps be different than what we hear.
We all know every family has ‘moments’ that they could share that are not public.
The wonderful heritage and legacy of parents who loved well, is a rare find.
It would have been a great honor to meet him. Someday in Heaven that is possible.
As I listened to the children now grown talk about “my daddy”, I felt the lump in my throat.
Tender words, spoken about a man who aged into the late senior years.
“Good bye, daddy.” They said, before leaving the podium.
The stories from their hearts shared with emotion and memory.
I watched a very special tribute to a very special man today.
We all have a chance to leave a legacy. Not necessarily like Billy Graham but we do have influence and a circle of those around us who follow our words and actions.
May we do it well, so that at the time of our parting and the time for those to remember us, do so in a kind and loving way… with a memory of legacy and faith.