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There is a new theme in the blog land to write a letter to your teenage self.
Wow I thought
that would be really hard for me to do.
My teenage years were not the easiest.
Not typical.
Not normal or even peaceful.
Oh we lived in a clean nicely kept home.
For many reasons I was quiet and very cautious.
For many reasons no one knew the life behind closed doors.
This attempt will be a difficult one.
Be patient with me as I process this young teen who didn’t know herself very well.
The first thing:
The first thing I would say to you is this:
God saw you when you were in your room with the door shut
listening to the quiet music of Simon and Garfunkel.
You related to it. 
You sang every word and stored them deep into your spirit.
You were alone most of the time and when you were not
You allowed others around you sometimes 
You rarely let others close to your heart.
You were reserved and cautious and you had every reason to be.
You had every reason to be.