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After we left Montana area we headed back down the road towards Baker, Oregon.
We had already gone through part of the way on the way towards Idaho, but we didn’t stay long since we knew we were going to return there on our way home.
We found ourselves one night not knowing where to stay for the night, it was a bit unnerving to not find a ‘secure sight’. We drove through a few campsites and none of them felt ‘good to us’. They were small and kind of creepy.
Finally we saw a small forest service sight with park hosts and only three camps sites in the campground, one was filled with college kids doing a freshman adventure course.
We stopped and set up camp not even unhooking the trailer from the car. It was that short of a trip. The guys leveled it and we set up our ‘chairs’ and found some water to play in across the street. As I said before it had been a ongoing 95-102 temperature and we were anticipating a HOT camp night.DSCN1872
In the morning we decided to head down the road to Wagonhammer Rv park in Salmon Idaho. It as by far the best place we stayed at the whole time we were gone.
We unhooked our trailer and set up camp for three nights.
At this site we were able to do some laundry, do more sight seeing adventures while leaving our trailer and tent there, knowing it was protected and watched.
It was a good place to stay in fact we met people there who were staying a month at a time there. It was very nice and peaceful there. Very watched and we highly recommend this Rv park for anyone going that direction. They even had a small store.
On one of our day trips we actually drove pretty high into the mountains and saw these wonderful creatures. I was so excited. We took pictures and stopped our car and watched them until the dad started to stomp his feet and it seemed he was becoming a bit agitated so our best thought was to move on and enjoy them as we drove away.
I think seeing these majestic animals was the highlight of our vacation for me.
They were beautiful, and so graceful on the rocks.
Reminded me of my favorite book called Hinds feet on high places…by Hannah Hurnard.
After our relaxing stay at Wagonhammer we had to move on. We were heading to Baker and back to the North Powder area where my grandma had a restaurant.