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The month of February started out pretty normal and then we had an ice storm.
Not your normal kind of ice storm, this was after a few days of snow that was too wet to enjoy.
Then we got a deep freeze.
It was very thick and very cold for our area.
It snowed but with the snow there was ice, so I still couldn’t walk in the snow.
Our backyard had a beautiful shade tree that we enjoyed in the summer.
Notice I said, “had”… yeah it broke in three places and it is in the process of being removed.
I am sad about that but determined to find a nice small leave maple to put in it’s place.
The power was out from Friday night to Wednesday.
The house temp plunged to low 40’s and my husband finally got our trailer in our driveway.
We had batteries running the furnace which was a blessing, the house had hot water because it’s gas.
At first I didn’t know we could shower or wash dishes, couldn’t use the dishwasher but they could be rinsed.
Found out with a gas water heater, you can still use the water and it’s hot.
That was a blessing.
We dressed in layers, with wool socks and heavy coats.
I worried about our neighbors who are seniors and maybe not so able to get warm.
We cooked in our trailer or we bought take out meals.
We were not able to go to our grand daughter’s 17th birthday party.
It was too icy to travel so we tried to see them a few days later.
There are still many homes around that have no power.
The linemen are amazing and it is a job that is full of danger and fatigue.
I cannot imagine the pressure those guys had on them to ‘fix it’.
We see the damage all around us, almost every block has trees that have broken.
It will take weeks to get it all cleaned up.
We even have a huge pile of tree branches to take somewhere.
We had to take everything out of our refrigerator and throw it away, and most of our frozen items we took to family.
I think now that we have heat, we have power, we have somewhat of a normal life now.
I will forever remember and be grateful for this season of testing.
The month of February started out normal until it changed dramatically.