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The month is almost over, and time is passing us by so quickly.
March for us is a time for many birthdays.
It’s a busy month and we are beginning to plan some summer activities.
Winter is leaving, soon spring will be here bringing to life the flowers and warmer days.
I look forward to days that are longer so we can work in the yard and plant new color.
It is a good thing to look forward for better days.The world right now is in chaos, and I realize that God is in control.
I cannot imagine being a mom, grandma or other in a war-torn land where the enemy is trying to destroy you.
The innocent ones are always the casualties.
What do they do?
It is sickening to see another war begin and for no real reason other than power.
I look out my window and see the calm and I walk into my kitchen and remain thankful that it is full of good things.
Such a harsh reality. As I lay down in my warm flannel sheets and comfy pillow there are others sleeping on sidewalks.
Not because they want to but because there is no place for them.
I worked one time with lady who was Vietnamese, and we became pretty good friends.
She told me of the war stories that her family had to endure.
Most of her family was killed by the enemy; then she was on a boat that brought her to the USA.
I cannot even imagine the things she saw and or experienced.
She was one of the lucky ones, although she dealt with a lot of depression.
You cannot come out of that kind of experience and be ‘normal’ as if it never happened.
She was a survivor.
Many came through but not without issues of trauma.
I am in prayer for our nations.
I am in prayer for our leaders.
I am in prayer for our families.
Only because I know God is in control.
The month is almost over, and time is passing us by so quickly.